Welcome to our Vässla webshop. Here you can find loads of stuff that makes your Vässla even better looking and more functional. We are constantly expanding our range with accessories that are a great addition to your Vässla!

Accessories for Your Vässla

To get the best possible experience from your Vässla, we offer stylish and practical accessories. It is important to us that you drive safely on the roads – that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the style or feeling. We offer original accessories for Vässla mopeds, such as top boxes, mobile mounts and helmets with stylish design and excellent quality. We also offer Abus locks both for Vässla electric mopeds and electric scooters to make sure you’re protected against thieves.

Traffic Safety – Always Use a Moped Helmet

To us, safety when cruising along on the streets is very important. That’s why we’ve designed moped helmets, as well as a slightly smaller helmet for the Vässla Kick, that don’t just comply with the CE standard – they also look good. What more can you ask for? With a moped helmet or a helmet for your electric scooter from Vässla, you’ll be able to feel safe when zooming along in traffic in a quick and convenient way. Our helmets are available in sizes 54-62 cm. Naturally, the moped helmet has a visor to protect your eyes.

Protect Your Vässla Electric Moped and Scooter Against Thieves

When you’re done riding, you should obviously be able to park your Vässla without having to worry about it getting stolen. That’s why we offer locks both for our electric mopeds and scooters. The chain lock and U-lock, which are also equipped with alarms, are perfect for your electric moped. The wire lock works well with your electric scooter.

Pack More in Your Vässla

Where are you supposed to put your luggage? In the top box of course! Our top box is great to use when you need to bring some extra luggage. Add a top box and a rack, and all of sudden you’ll be able to bring anything you want. Our top boxes are available in colours that match your Vässla electric scooter and blend in nicely with the rest of the design. Both the top box and rack are easy to mount.