Winter Tire




Premium Winter Tire. Made in Germany.

One winter tire for 12 inch moped rims. Fits Vässla 2-sized rims.

Requires front mud guard adjuster kit. Requires removal of Back wheel. See instructions.

Note: Does not meet COC-approval for Vassla 2. Warrany might be voided with use. Speedometer and trip meter might show wrong information. Vassla AB are not to be held accountable if used. No support is given on this product. Use only on private property according to laws in your country.

Vässla 2 - How to change rear Tire

Fender spacer Vässla 2




Want to fit a larger front tire on your Vässla 2?

Use this kit to raise the front fender/mud guard 3 cm.

Note: Larger tires will void the warranty and might make your Vassla 2 illegal.