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Motor Rear hub motor 250-500 W
Max speed 20 km/h - 45km/h (depending on regulations)
Range per charge up to 40 km
Battery cell 21700 cells from Samsung
Battery weight 3,5 kg (swappable)
Total weight 21,5 kg excl. battery
Connectivity Sharing compatible (GPS & BT)
Size 930x840 mm

The driving experience.

Vässla Bike is light as a kick scooter, has the look of a bike and the speed of an e-moped. No pedals and no physical effort.

The quality.

Vässla bike is built to last. The frame is cast from solid aluminium, and all accessories sourced with longevity and robustness in mind.

The range.

Vässla bike lasts up to 40 km on one charge.

Vässla Bike is slender as a kick-scooter, has the visual preference of an e-bike and the driving experience of an electric moped.

- CEO & founder Rickard Bröms

Vässla Bike FAQ

How fast is Vässla Bike?


Two verions will be offered depending on regulations: max 20 km/h and max 45 km/h.

Can I ride in the bike lane?


Sure! But look up the laws in your home country. In general, version doing 20 km/h is fine. 45 km/h might not be.