What is Vässla Club?

Vässla Club for Enterprises is a tailor made micro mobility solution for your organisation. We create a seamless mobility experience for your employees and guests. We provide you with a complete suite of sharing systems from a single source: The Vässla Club sharing app, Vässla fleet management and the outstanding Vässla Bike are the cornerstones of the Vässla Club solution for your company.

Benefits for the user

Easy access in your lobby or reception area. More cost-effective than taxi and other sharing services. Safe and easy to use vehicles. High trust solution provided by your organzation.

Benefits for your organisation

Offer the best mobility solution at low cost. Added employee value and satisfaction. Contribute to a more sustainable behavior.

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Technische Daten

Technische Daten
Motor Radnabenmotor 450 Watt (1000 Watt peak)
Max. Geschwindigkeit 25 km/h
Reichweite pro Ladung 40 km
Batteriezellen 21700 Li-Ion-Zellen von Samsung
Batteriegewicht 3,5 kg (austauschbar)
Gesamtgewicht 21,5 kg excl. Batterie

The Vässla Club App