We have big ambitions. We aim to be the leading Micromobility brand on a global market. Our fleet will disrupt short distance transportation and save loads of people loads of time.

THE PROBLEM WE SOLVE The macro trends are crystal clear. Cities grow. Traffic congestion is escalating. The planet suffers. Humanity needs to switch from four heavy wheels to two light wheels. It’s all about using the most effective vehicle for each span of distance. For short trips, lightweight vehicles are most effective. Both energy-wise but also time-wise.

I hope we agree that global warming is a Really Big Deal — probably the one biggest issue we’re facing as a civilization. I’m not saying that Micromobility is a silver bullet for it. But it's a big part of the solution. Transportation represents 28% of greenhouse gas emissions, and micromobility can shave a big chunk off of that by eating the sub-2 miles trips making up 40% of urban rides.

The reason, in short, is that Micromobility modes are electric and super lightweight. Internal combustion engines are only 35% efficient, losing the rest in heat. Then, only 5% of that energy goes into moving the passenger — the other 95% moves the car. So, the overall efficiency of a car is 0.05 * 0.35 = 1.75%. This means that for every gallon you pour into your tank, only 2 ounces are used to move you. The rest is either lost in heat or used to move your car.

Compare that to electric Micromobility vehicles, which convert 85% of their energy into movement and weigh between 12-65 kg, making their overall energy efficiency over 70%. Again, car companies would kill to improve their cars’ efficiency by 10%. Here, we’re talking of a 4000% improvement.

– Rickard Bröms (Founder & CEO)