FAQ Vässla Club

How fast is Vässla Bike?
Can I ride in the bike lane?
What type of brakes does Vässla Bike have?
What is the frame made of?
How much does the battery weigh?
What is the range?
How much does the bike weigh?
What kind of battery cells do you use?
Time to charge a battery?
Can I mount a basket?
Recommended maximum weight?
Winter tires?
Am I tall enough to ride a Vässla Bike?
Do I need a driver license?
Is there an age limit to subscribe?
Where do I reach out if I have an issue?
What subscription plans can I choose from?
How do I turn on the rear light on the Bike?
How do I connect the battery? It seems to be “sleeping”?
Why can’t I turn off the headlight on the Bike?

FAQ Vässla Bike

How do I turn on the rear light on the Bike?
The Bike won't start - what do I do?
Can I turn of the headlight?
What is the range of Vässla bike?
I want to Join Vässla Club!