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The newness is here. Let me introduce, Vässla 2 Black Edition and Vässla Kick Black Edition. Both are black, clean and last but not least, limited. Pre-order your numbered Vässla 2 now. Pay now and get a ton of money off. Pay on delivery and pay full price. You decide.

Delivery in March. Just fill in the form below to get first in line.


Vässla 2 Black Edition:
Pre-order now and pay now – 22 500 SEK/NOK | 2250 Euro
Pre-order now and pay on delivery – 25 000 SEK/NOK | 2500 Euro

Vässla Kick Black Edition:
Pre-order now and pay now – 4500 SEK/NOK | 450 Euro
Pre-order now and pay on delivery – 5000 SEK/NOK | 500 Euro


Delivery will be during March. Delivery will be during day time to your door step with Postnord. The Vässla is fully assembled. We deliver to your registered address only. Our payment partner require this. You will get a order confirmation when the order has been processed and a notice from Postnord when delivery is near.

By completing this form you agree to have your Vässla delivered to your registered address and will receive an invoice with 30 days of payment.  In Norway and Sweden we’ll manage the registration process for free. Your Vässla will be registered to the stated personal identity number. In Germany the customer itself manage the registration process with your insurance company.

Some product specs Vässla 2

Range: 40-60 km | Top speed: 45 km/h | Battery: Portable LG-lithium battery, 20 V, 60 A | Charging: 220 V outlet | Engine: Bosch 1200 W

Some product specs Vässla Kick

Range: 15-25 km | Top speed: 25 km/h | Battery: Lithium battery | Charging: 220 V outlet | Engine: 250 W