The company in short

Vässla is founded by the marketing old timer Rickard Bröms and the two scooter veterans Peter Klangsell and Mikael Klingberg.

Rickard Bröms has spent the last 14 years building brands and marketing them. First at the well renowed agency Farfar followed by Swedens first hybrid agency Wisely and last at the Swedens biggest full service agency Bizkit Havas.

Peter Klangsell and Mikael Klingberg fouded the scooter warehouse KopEnScooter.Nu in 2004. It is the number one retailer for scooters in Sweden with flag ship stores, e-commerce and a bunch of local dealers. In 2014 they expanded the business with electric bicycles under the brand It has the widest range of products in the Nordics and has grown by triple digits annually.

The mix between brand knowledge and product experience makes the difference.

A few words about the market

  • The total global market for scooters are €30 billion.
  • The scooter market in Europe was 327 826 vehicles 2016.
  • France is the largest market followed by the Netherlands.
  • 11 314 out of 327 826 were electrical mopeds.
  • The largest market is the Netherlands followed by France, Belgium, Italy and Spain.
  • The electrical moped market is up 62% Q1 2017 compared to same period 2016.
  • The numbers are small but the curve is definitely heading north.
  • Compared to the nearest market segments, electric bicycles and cars, scooters barely exist. Market potential is huge.
  • In 2018 a new EU regulations (Euro 4) for scooter emissions will be implemented that will result in worse performance, decreased supply and increased prices for petrol scooters.
  • Meaning that the supply will decrease drastic and prices will increase. Also, all Euro 4 certified fossil scooters will have worse performance.
  • In The Netherlands fossil driven scooters older than 2011 will be banned in 2018. In Netherlands alone there are about 1 million scooters. 77% av these are older than 2011.
  • According to EU motions the rest of EU will soon follow.
  • In 2021 the next generation EU-regulations Euro 5 will be implemented where two wheelers are under the same regulations as cars.
  • Future will tell if it’s even possible to produce fossil fuel scooters that will run with this emission regulations…

The Vässla specs

The specs:

  • Brake System: Disc brake (front) and Drum brake (rear)
  • Max Speed: 45 km/h
  • Range per charge: 40-60 km
  • Battery Weight: 8 kg
  • Battery slots: 2
  • Total Weight: 60 kg
  • Engine: Bosch 1000 W
  • Battery type: 60V 20Ah Lithium (portable)
  • Recharge Cycles: 700 times
  • Charging time: 6 hours
  • Tire size: 90/90-10” Tubeless

Pros with Vässla:

  1. It’s totally emission free.
  2. It’s freaky silent. The engine is on but you can’t hear it. You give gas. Still no sound.
  3. It’s stylish. Designed by top tier Swedish designers.
  4. The battery is portable. Just bring it to your office, apartment or house and charge it in a usual outlet.
  5. There is room for two portable batteries. Giving you a range of 80-120 km.
  6. Premium components. The battery is a proven LG cell. The engine is from the market leader Bosch. The tires and bumpers are premium stuff.

Contact Rickard Bröms for further press inquiries.
+46 70 923 60 53