More time for life

From the beginning our mission has been to save loads of people loads of time. Time often feels scarce, and we need to puzzle to have time for pleasure at the end of the day when we’re done with all our musts. Love and passion is serious business to us and we see a simple solution to make life richer - stop wasting hours being stuck in traffic every week.

We’re now introducing our portrait series “More time for life”. Tag along on the journey of life and get inspired by our Vässla-riders. They all have one thing in common: convinced that there is more to life than standing still during rush hours or waiting for a bus that’s never on time. So far, we’ve saved 150 years of time, something that we will continue doing year after year.

Saving loads of people loads of time.

*From our survey with 1500 respondents, we found that 70% replaced their car trips with a Vässla, and 52% answered that they prefer to commute with a Vässla instead of public transportation. In total, we saved up to 150 years of time for our customers who chose to go Vässla.


Vässla Club is a subscription service for the urban commuter. Get your own Vässla Bike, the fist ebike without pedals All inclusive, only 79€/month.

Killer Motor

Going uphill? No problem!

Unparalleled Range

40 km on one charge

Comfy Suspension

For any road

3 Gear Speed

For more safety

Smart Screen

All info at a glance

Futuristic Battery

Long range & Quick charge