Vässla loves the Swedish government

The Swedish government finally gets it. They’ve realized that the best solution for the escalating commuting problem is by moving people from four wheels to two wheels. That’s why they spend 350 million SEK per year between 2018-20 to support the growth of electric two wheelers.

Here are information from Naturvårdsverket and some FAQ.

So what does it mean?
Well it’s really simple. You get 25% off when you buy an electric two wheeler. Like a Vässla. If you buy a Vässla at 20 000 SEK you will get 5000 SEK back from the government. This bonus is valid from the 20th of September. Sweetness is coming our way friends.

Get 25% off when you buy a Vässla

How the heck does it work then? According to Naturvårdsverket the applications will open on February 1st and are open for Vässlas bought after 20/9 2017. The receipt and frame number are needed for the application. The money will be payed out during the spring.
Pre-order now – before it gets sold out
This will probably fire up the pre-orders for Vässlas. So get your ass over here and sign up before Batch 3 is sold out too. The first batch sold out in just three weeks. First come – first serve.

Pre-order now - get 25% refund. Hurry curry my friend.