The Vässla Kick highlights

4500 SEK/NOK | 450 EURO

Range: 15-25 km | Top speed: 25 km/h | Tires: Solid non-flat-tire-tires | Battery: Lithium battery | Charging: 220 V outlet | Engine: 250 W | Brake: Disc brake | Weight: 12 kg | Foldable: Yes

The Vässla 2 improvments:

  1. It’s numbered. When you buy a Vässla 2 Black Edition you get your own unique numbered Vässla. Black Edition is limited and will never come back again. So if you want a one-of-a-kind Vässla, this is the time.
  2. Bigger wheels. We’ve ramped up the wheel size from 10 inch to 12 inch meaning you get a more comfy and stable ride.
  3. Bigger engine. We’ve added some watts to the engine to get slightly more uphill power. We now have 1200 W but we’ve kept the softness and smoothness.
  4. The front light. The new head light is clean, square and sweet. We love it.
  5. The black look. Everything is black on the limited Black Edition. Luxurious and classic.
  6. The display. The new display is bigger, cleaner and free from plastic panels.
  7. Sit ergonomics. We have raised the seat just 2 cm. Is might seem insignificant but it makes the world to driving posture.
  8. Disc brakes all over. Drumbrakes are history. We go with premium disc brakes both in the front and in the back.

Product specifications:

  • Brake System: Disc brakes
  • Max Speed: 45 km/h
  • Range distance per charge: 40-60 km
  • Battery Weight: 8 kg
  • Total Weight: 60 kg
  • Engine: Bosch 1s00 W
  • Battery type: LG-cells 60V 20Ah Lithium (portable)
  • Recharge Cycles: 700-900 times
  • Charging time: 5-6 hours
  • Tire size: 90/90-10” Tubeless
  • Max load: 150 kg
  • Uphill climb: 21 degrees (70 kg)
  • Price: 22 500 SEK/NOK | 2250 Euro

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