Be a Vässla Hero

We’re on a journey and we want to invite you on it. By selling Vässlas online and cut the middlemen out we can keep the price down. At the same time will testdrives and local presence be a driving force to hit scale. Here’s we’re you come in. We want you to become our showroom. If you refer a friend or colleague and a transaction is being made both of you will be rewarded. We will provide you with leads if we get test drive requests in your local area. But you can also be proactive and show your Vässla to friends and colleagues and become a full on sales man. Sounds interesting? Just pop us an email on and we’ll add you to the map below.

At the moment, this is exclusive for existing Vässla owners. If you want to help ut and contribute without being a n existing customer, head over to our Vässla Promotor page.

Our beloved Vässla Heros

If you want to give the Vässla a spin just take a look in the map below and see if you have an Vässla Hero nearby. Pop an email with your location to and we’ll set you up with the closest Hero.