Get around the convenient and COVID-safe way with Vässla

During a pandemic, it’s not merely important but essential to avoid public transport as far as possible. In a perfect world, we’d each travel in our own vehicle at a time like this. And of course that would help keep the country's high infection rate down.

Even if it's difficult to find ideal solutions in tough times, we can all do our best to help the curve go down. At Vässla, we offer a practical alternative for anyone who wants to travel in a convenient, COVID-safe way. All year round.

A way to avoid public transport

Just now we need to constantly weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of different social situations. And different means of transport. The highest priority is to do everything we can to keep the infection curve down. So we need to keep away from all types of congestion and everywhere there are lots of people. Everywhere the virus spreads. Like on public transport. Our Vässla 2 and Vässla Bike are electric vehicles that guarantee a minimum of human contact without compromising on comfort and environmental impact.

Minimal environmental impact, maximum protection against infection

Perhaps you're thinking it doesn’t sound all that environmentally friendly for everyone to travel by moped? But it can be, with our electric vehicles. At least a lot more environmentally friendly than using other types of vehicles. An electric moped is much better for the environment than a fossil-fuel powered one. Or, even worse, a car.

Here are just a few of the many advantages of travelling silently by electric vehicle:
You save time. Read about this here.

  • You help care for the environment. Read about this here. You can travel 40-60 km and then recharge using a normal electrical outlet. An electric moped is easy to store and service. It’s fun to ride too!

Our Vässla 2 and Vässla Bike electric vehicles are a great option if you want a convenient, COVID-safe way to travel in these tough times. You can read more about our different vehicles here.

If you fancy taking a test ride, please feel free to contact us at, and we’ll let you know where you can try out our vehicles. But of course please don’t come if you're sick!

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