Vässla Bike: Smooth, Fun, Functional

The micro-mobility vehicle of today is spelled- Vässla Bike. What's better than spending a Thursday afternoon riding around on a Vässla? Nothing we figured, so we invited 10 influencers who got to take the new Vässla Bike for a covid safe ride at the Älvsjömässan fair last week. There’s no doubt that it is not only functional, but it puts a smile on everyone's face while trying it for the first time. We gathered their stories for you to experience what Vässla is all about too!

The profiles got to take the bike for a joyous ride in the empty fair and we captured their first impression of the Vässla Bike and their experience. Make sure to watch the full movie down below.

The New Go-To For Short Distance Commute

Being incomparable to anything on the market: not a bike, not a scooter, not a moped, but all of them makes it a game-changer. After experiencing the first bike without sweat, paddles, and greasy chains, the invited influencers were stoked about the Vässla Bike and wanted to take it home.

*“Oboy, I was surprised how comfortable the seat is.” *

*“Seriously, we had so much fun riding the Vässla Bike. It was so hard to film and ride at the same time because we were laughing our asses off! It’s so comfortable to sit on and ride!” *

Stories 13 - Block 2

*“I had so much fun! Seriously, we could not stop laughing while we were filming. The Vässla Bike is a greener, safer, and much more comfortable choice. Vässla got you covered with the smoothest acceleration and softest saddle. All you need is a bike lane and a Vässla and you're ready to go.” *

“For me, it would be a little too far to go to work by bicycle but the Vässla Bike is just perfect! It’s easy to learn how to navigate, and trust me I’m not used to electric vehicles but now I need one of these. It's super fun to drive and it moves smoothly and quietly and the design is so sleek.”

Want to take it for a ride?

If you would like to take it for a spin, email us at Vässla Contact. and we will try to find a bike close to you.

Vässla Bike

1 995 €



100% Designed and Engineered in Sweden.

100% Electric

100% Amazing

Available for immediate delivery in Sweden and Germany. Contact hi@vassla.com for information about other countries.