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Final Payment Vässla Bike

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Top speed is limited to 20 km/h in Sweden.

See FAQ or contact us for more information.

100% engineered and designed in Sweden

The Next Generations Vehicle

Two years ago, the first electric scooters came to Sweden. The potential looked huge. Imagine being able to own all traffic for a mile! We at Vässla were initially very positive, but like the market, we soon realized that electric scooters lack many of the features needed to truly become the vehicles of the future. That is why we took the matter into our own hands and started in 2019 to develop our own vehicle that would be everything that a kickbike is not. We wanted a richer vehicle that offers a significantly better driving experience but at the same time does not require a lot of hassle like a kickbike. The result was better than we dared to hope - we can now finally proudly present Vässla Bike.

New vehicle type

Vässla Bike is a new vehicle type that combines the best between a moped, bicycle and kickbike. It has a speed of 20 km / h, a range of 40 km, can ride on the bike lane, easily collapsible and requires no registration. So the same power and range as an electric scooter, but just as little hassle as when buying a bike. It is developed in Sweden and equipped with disc brakes, Samsung battery, solid tires and high performance suspension for soft and smooth driving even over the toughest obstacles.



Vässla developed battery consisting of Samsung 21700 cells of the latest technology with a range up to 40km.


Vässla engineered hubengine


Quality tires with a good profile for onroad and offroad


Disc brake front and rear for ultimate safety


Exclusive aluminum frame with optimal weight distribution


High performance damper for smooth and precise driving

Ride in Bike Lane

Avoid traffic and congestion, take the bike lane.

No Registration

Usually no registration needed, just jump on and go. (Check rules in your region).

No license

Usually no registration needed. (Check rules in your region).

No insurance

Usually no special insurance needed. (Check rules in your region).


Motor* Rear hub motor 250-450 W
Max speed* 20-25 km/h
Range per charge up to 40 km
Battery cell 21700 cells from Samsung
Battery weight 3,5 kg (portable)
Total weight 21,5 kg excl. battery

Details depends on regional rules *Note: details might change for production model.

Why we love Vässla Bike


Vässla Bike FAQ (Before Purchase)

How fast is Vässla Bike?


Maximum speed depends on regulations. In Sweden, max is 20 km/h. In Germany, max 25km/h. Other countries might vary.



We ship to your door in Sweden, Germany in Spain. More countries coming soon. Contact us if you want to buy in another country: hi@vassla.com.

How much does it cost?


Price for Vässla bike is €2000 / SEK 20.000.

Can I ride in the bike lane?


Sure! But look up the laws in your home country. In most countries: Yes!

How strong is the motor?


250 W - 500 W depending on the legal status in each country. Since we develope everything ourselves, we have been able to optimize the motor perfectly to the bike. The performance is extraordinary.

What type of brakes does Vässla Bike have?


Disc brakes in front and back. Additional electrical brake with recuperation.

What is the frame made of?


Solid aluminium. Built to last.

What are the size of the wheels?


14 inch wheels (35.5 cm)

Tires have dimension (66-254) 14x2.5

How long time does a charge take?


0-100% in about 4 hours. 20-80% in about 1 hour.

Can I mount a Basket?


Yes, an universal holder for front mounted Baskets will be available shortly. Together with a stylish Basket.

Recommended maximum weight?


Recommended maximum weight for Vässla Bike is 120 Kg.

Winter Tires?


Not at the moment, we are working on a solution.

Vässla Bike is slender as a kick-scooter, has the visual presence of an e-bike and the driving experience of an electric moped.

- CEO & founder Rickard Bröms


"Vässla Bike is an intriguing mobility solution for the city"

  • Die Welt

"Der Micro-Stromer schließt die Lücke zwischen Elektro-Tretroller und E-Scooter."

  • NTV

"Commuting revolution: Comfort and range like a moped but size like a kickscooter"

De scooter is heel comfortabel, het zadel zit goed en ik kan ontspannen zitten.

  • Andreas Bergsman, Testing Editor M3