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Why Vässla Bike is the vehicle of the future

Electric scooters, mopeds and bicycles are becoming more and more popular, and today’s gig economy makes it easier than ever to find a scooter round the nearest corner, almost regardless of where you live in the inner city or nearest suburbs. And that’s fantastic. But isn’t it also a fantastic luxury to have your very own vehicle?

Some people are reluctant to buy their own electric scooter or moped because they're tricky to park and hard to take everywhere. Vässla Bike is designed to be the complete opposite. Because we know this is what our customers – and the customers of tomorrow – want. Convenience and accessibility. There’s a reason why Auto Motor & Sport wrote an article referring to Vässla as a “commuter revolution” because of its high levels of comfort, long range and practical size.

Few demands, lots of power

Vässla Bike combines all the best bits of a moped, bicycle and kick scooter. In a single vehicle. It’s allowed in cycle lanes and requires no driving licence, no registration and no insurance. With a speed of 20 km/h and a range of 40 km, it’s easier than ever to get around on city cycle lanes. Take your Vässla Bike into your communal stairwell, or right into your hallway. And recharge the battery from a normal electrical outlet. In other words, if you're looking for a vehicle that's as easy to deal with as a bicycle but as powerful as an electric moped, it’s worth checking out Vässla Bike.

If you want to avoid sweat and tears

As well as all the advantages we’ve described above, Vässla Bike is easy to fold up and can be taken into the office almost as conveniently as a laptop. And, perhaps most important of all, you won’t be sweaty and breathless when you get to your morning meeting at ten to nine.

“We have absolutely no desire to get people who already cycle to stop doing that. But we want to give everyone commuting separately by car an alternative that doesn’t require physical effort. A vehicle that feels safe, is allowed in cycle lanes, that you can take into the office, can cope with hills, looks great and is really fun to ride.” Rikard Bröms, Founder

Do you also believe that the future is Spelled B-I-K-E? Contact us at hi@vassla.com and we'll get back to you.

Vässla Bike

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