Even an athlete needs to rest. Getting to and from practice, escaping the city pulse and avoiding public transportation. Reloading the body and mind with fresh air. Sliding through traffic, soundless and without bothering the environment. These are a few reasons why Vässla supports athletes around the word. One of our partners is Spanish tennis star Pedro Martínez. We sat down with him to talk about his blooming career and why he chose to team up with us.

Hey Pedro! We want to know more about you and your passion for tennis. I was born in Alzira, a town near Valencia. When I was six years old, my family moved to a new house next to a tennis club. Since then, I’ve had a racket in my hand. I was always hanging out at the tennis courts playing with my friends and enjoyed watching the older guys play. My love for the sport and the fact that I’ve always trained harder than others, has taken me to where I am now.

Tell us about your amazing 2020, reaching your all time high ranking position.

In 2020 I became top 100 for the first time (82), which was always one of my goals. I also started playing more tournaments on the ATP tour, another goal of mine. It has been amazing to be a part of the circuit together with the best players in the world. I hope to stay there many more years going forward. I usually avoid focusing too much on rankings and tournaments, trying to keep my focus on working hard and doing my best everyday. But 2020 was special because I felt like I got maximum output from all my hard work that I have put in the last few years, playing better and better everyday.

"The Vässla itself, the design and how smooth it runs is incredible. I love using it!"

What is the “secret recipe” behind your success in 2020? I wish I could tell you there is a secret recipe to success, but the key is just to be consistent and focus on every single practice and tournament. Being prepared and paying attention to details makes a huge difference on your performance.How has the pandemic affected your travels and commuting? 2020 has been really tough for everyone. The pandemic struck hard, making both international and domestic travels complicated and dangerous. In Spain and my hometown Valencia a lot of people are still sick and in lockdown.

Thanks to my Vässla I can get around safer and faster, without putting mine or anyone else’s health at risk. I can get to and from practice not having to worry about finding a parking spot or getting stuck in traffic.

Why did you chose to become part of the Vässla family? I am so excited about our partnership. My family has been avid about recycling and caring about the environment as long as I can remember. I have naturally been instilled with the same values. Therefore, I think this partnership suits me perfectly and I always want to be sure to partner with brands that share my values and that I can stand behind.

I love how Vässla is futuristic and innovative, and electric vehicles is such an important step to take care of our environment and reducing emissions.

In what way have your Vässla changed your everyday life? I use my Vässla when I go to the gym, tennis court, or to meet up with friends. As an athlete I can save all my energy and power for the practices and workouts since the power of my electric vehicle takes me anywhere I want to go. The Vässla itself, the design and how smooth it runs is incredible. I love using it!

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