Vässla x Lynk & Co.

Vässla x Lynk & Co.

Vässla Micromobility is very proud to announce a collaboration with the Swedish car brand Lynk & Co. Lynk & Co will be the first reseller of Vässla Bike in the Netherlands, and our two companies will host events related to urban mobility and sustainability.

Vässla bike at Lynk & Co

Vässla Bike is now available in the Lynk & Co Showroom in Amsterdam. The partnership between Vässla and Lynk & Co reflects a common core value: making mobility more accessible and sustainable.

The Last Mile

Every year, EU and US citizens travel over 6 trillion kilometers. Half of these are trips shorter than 25 km, so called last-mile-trips. Most of these could and should be rode by small, electric vehicles. Over the next 10 years we will see an unbundling of mobility, where longer trips are made by car, and shorter trips by Micro Mobility vehicles. A co-exist situation arrives where different modes will serve different jobs-to-be-done.

Micromobility will significantly dominate the last mile-trips in the future. But it is hard to beat a roof and heated seats when taking the whole family to the vacation home.

Vässla Bike

Vässla Bike define a new kind of form factor. It’s slender as a kick-scooter, looks like an e-bike but has the driving experience of an e-moped. It’s like a bike but requires no pedaling effort. It closes a gap in the market in the intersection of the e-bike and the e-moped. Vässla Bike might set off the Micromobility industry to the next level when it comes to intuitiveness and safety.

“We see Vässla Bike as a perfect vehicle for shorter trips. A Co-op with Lynk & Co. who shares some of our views on transportation and also goes one step closer to the sharing economy will definitely change the overall way of how we look on the way of transportation and commuting.” - Rickard Bröms, Founder Vässla Micromobiltiy.

Test Drive

Visit Lync & Co. Club at Rokin 75, Amsterdam to try the new Vässla Bike.

Vässla Bike Förköp

SEK 5,000


  • Förboka din Vässla bike idag för leverans 2020.
  • Betala 5 000 kr idag.
  • Betala 12 500 kr vid leverans.
  • Beräknad leverans Q4 2020.

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