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Vässla + Vässla Helmet + Lock = Everything you need to start riding.

Vässla is Sweden's most sold and most popular electric moped. Every week, thousands of Vässla mopeds roam the streets of Sweden.

Max Speed 45km/h Range 40-60km Motor: 1800W Bosch Portable Li-ion battery 2 years guarantee on Vässla 2 1 year guarantee on the battery

Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles have been around for a long time, but in recent years something has happened and the market has completely exploded. It is not so strange though. The development is due to the fact that we have acquired new and more efficient battery types. Suddenly, it has become possible to build electric vehicles with a reasonable range, which you also can charge quickly enough for them to be practical to use.

Vässla’s electric motors are good examples of this development. It is a series of products that we think belong to the best available among electric vehicles today, with good travel comfort, solid performance and long range at a good price.

Smoother than the car

The fact that electric vehicles can solve environmental problems is what many people are hoping for, and it is clear that replacing fuel with electricity can reduce harmful emissions of exhaust gases.

However, a transition to electric power can never make a difference to the traffic problems that plague our cities around the world. If you want to get around quickly and smoothly with reasonable convenience, the electric motor is really the only realistic option that actually works.

With an electric moped, you escape all the car disadvantages since it lets you drive fast and smoothly past all traffic queues. An electric scooter weighs little and is easy to maneuver even in small space. In the worse case you can even lead it past traffic problems to get ahead.

With a maximum speed of 45 km/h you are not far below the speed limit in town, even if the traffic runs smoothly. You can park your electric scooter the same way as you park a motorcycle, but since it’s so easy you can also choose to bring it inside if you have the opportunity. This makes the electric scooter a super-fast alternative to the car.

More convenient than the bike

Buying an electric bike has been popular for a few years, but we ask ourselves what is the point, really. Biking can of course be a way to get everyday exercise i, but why not buy a regular bike? And if you don't like sweating on the way to work, why buy a bike at all?

If you are going to buy a flexible electric vehicle, we think the electric motor is the right choice. You get all the benefits of having a small and easy-to-use vehicle that is inexpensive to operate, at the same time as you get around quickly and smoothly.