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New Customers

How much does a Vässla cost?

Vässla 2 costs 2500 EUR while Vässla Kick 1 costs 600 EUR.

How long is the delivery time?

Vässla 2 and Vässla Kick 1 expected delivery time is 2-3 days..

What are the shipping costs?

We offer it for free if you buy a Vässla. For accessories, it costs EUR7.

Do I need to mount the Vässla?

Vässla is fully assembled, except for the rear-view mirrors, upon delivery.

How fast does the Vässla go?

It goes 45 km/h.

Is it Class 1 or 2?

It is a Class 1, EU 45 moped.

Do I need a driver's license to drive a Vässla?

If you have taken an AM license in 2004, you do not need to take a separate moped driving license. Otherwise, you need a valid EU-moped driving license, we also offer bundling of Vässla / moped driver’s license for bargain prices read more at

I want to test drive it but how?

Go to our website and click on to the Vässla Hero section and you can contact a Vässla Hero who is closest to you for a test drive.

What is a Vässla Hero?

It is an existing customer who is happy to show off his Vässla for you as a potential customer.

Do you offer partial payment?

Yes we offer partial payment to Klarna.

Is a Vässla quiet?

Quiet as a weasel, almost soundless.

Where's the engine?

Integrated in the rear wheel.

Where’s the battery?

The battery is under the saddle, your Vässla comes with a battery but there is room for a further battery.

How do I charge the battery?

Leave the battery inside the Vässla and charge through the outside connector. Take the battery out and charge directly on the battery connector. Wall outlet with 220V min. 10A

Can I ride in a bike lane?

Since the Vässla goes up to 45 km/h it is not allowed to drive on bicycle lanes.

How much does the battery weigh?


Do I need to service my Vässla?

You need to service your Vässla once a year, to find your nearest service partner read more at

If I get my Vässla but is not satisfied, what happens then?

Then you contact us at [email protected] and explain what you are not satisfied with so we make sure you are satisfied.

What is the guarantee on Vässla?

We provide a 2 year warranty on the moped and a 1 year warranty on the battery. For more detailed information, please visit

Is the battery portable?

Yup, you open on the saddle and disconnect the cord to the battery and easily lift out the battery.

Delivery and insurance


You buy your Vässla at Just like any e-commerce.


Payment is made with Klarna on your terms. Choose between paying now, within two weeks or on partial payment.

Processing your order

At 10 am after your order your Vässla is picked up at our central warehouse. It is exhibited on the loading bay and goes with you to the next post car on the way home.

Payment ID

In connection with this get your package number and can follow your delivery.


Within a few days your Vässla will be delivered home to your door.


At least one day before delivery you will receive a notification and the opportunity to choose the time for delivery. In most cases, this takes place during the day.


Your Vässla is delivered home to the door and you need to be in place and receive the package.



Your Vässla is delivered in a large cardboard of corrugated cardboard.


Your Vässla is fully assembled except for the rear-view mirrors. These are easily threaded in and locked with a locking nut.

Open the seat

Under the seat is the main fuse and the battery. You open the seat by turning the ignition key to the left. Don't push, just twist.

The main fuse

In order for Vässlan to start, you need to turn on the main fuse. It is a button located at the rear edge of the seat.

Battery Power

The battery is 50-70% charged when you get your Vässla.

Charging the battery

You can either charge with the battery left in the Vässla or with the battery outside of it. Use the socket at the rear of the cockpit to recharge the battery in the Vässla. Otherwise you can remove it and use the socket on the top of the battery. The connector is screwed and pressed into its outlet.

Close the seat

You lock the seat by pressing distinctly in the middle of the Vässla logo located on top of the seat. Then you dot the locking mechanism perfectly.


You can lock the handlebar by first turning the handlebar to its outer position on the left. Then press down the ignition key and turn to the left.

Fasten the license plate

The sign must be attached to the enclosed sign holder. This is mounted at the bottom of the rear screen with the supplied screws.

Brief review

Check the tire pressure, test the brakes, check that no parts are loose.

Service and maintenance

Do I need to service my Vässla?

Yes, we recommend it to maximize the life length of your Vässla. As for all vehicles, one should make their first check already after a few months. The most important reason is to pull bolts and check brakes. Then we want you to make annual checks on your Vässla. A mechanic will check the brakes, tires, contacts, battery health and bolts. No maintenance is required for the driveline itself.

How does the engine work?

The engine is a so-called hub motor and sits in the hub of the rear wheel. In the engine there are basically live copper wire and magnets that smoothly drive your Vässla. It is a closed system unlike an internal combustion engine that consists of hundreds of loose parts that must interact and be lubricated in sequence. The best thing about a hub motor is that you achieve maximum efficiency and that the ride is completely silent.

How does the battery work?

Our battery consists of many smaller battery cells (so-called 18650 cells) from one of the premium suppliers LG, Panasonic or Samsung. Our battery pack has a total of 1.2 kWh ie 60 V 20 A. The battery is certified and tested according to the regulations that the EU has established.

What are the most important components of my Vässla?

The brain of the Vässla is the controller. It is the one who decides how much power from the battery to be delivered to the engine at which speed. This is controlled by software. How well this is programmed means more than how many watts the engine has. A well-programmed controller provides smooth running, with maximum reach and a small battery.

Can you explain how the range really works?

The great equation to solve for electric vehicles is the balance between range, performance and battery size. For us, smooth charging and a portable battery is very important and therefore we wanted to keep the battery size as small as possible. At the same time, we want at least 4 miles range. Therefore, we have allowed the speed to vary with the battery power. The battery register is divided into three parts where 100-60% gives a top speed of 45 km / h, 60-30% gives a top speed of about 40 km / h and under 30% we try to take Vässlan as far as it goes and therefore pulls down speed properly.

My Vässla has a vibrating sound from the front, what to do?

This is most likely the brake cable that vibrates against the inner screen. You can adjust the rod that holds the brake cable so that the cable is fixed. Ensure the cable is fixed in a rubber bushing, which in turn is held in place by the stay.

Which tire pressure is optimal and how do I maintain this pressure?

2.5 bar is optimal, you can not pump up the pressure we a regular bike pump but we recommend that you use a pump similar to maintaining car tires.

Battery Guide

How far can I drive on one charge?

You can drive 4-6 miles on one charge. The same parameters that affect the fuel consumption of an internal combustion engine affect the range of a Vässla. If you are heavy and go uphill in a headwind with poorly pumped tires then your battery length will be shorter than if the situation was the opposite. Generally, one can say that acceleration is what tempts the battery the most. Particularly uphill. Keeping speed is consuming very little energy. Having the tires pumped to 2.5 bar pressure is the easiest way to maximize the reach.

How does the battery work in the cold?

Lithium cells do not like cold. It is the single most performance-degrading parameter. But since the battery is portable, you should bring it into the heat when you make longer stops when it is cold. If you keep your battery in extreme cold for longer periods, the cells can go bad and your battery will stop working.

How many times can I charge my battery before I need to change?

Of course, this depends on how you handle your battery, but a guideline is about 800 absolute charge cycles. An absolute cycle is charging from 0-100%. If you load 50-100% then this corresponds to 0.5 cycle.

What does the lights on the charger indicate?

When it is red, it means that the battery is charged. When switched to green, the battery is fully charged.

What is a BMS?

It means Battery Management System and is a kind of protection system for the battery cells. It ensures that the cells are not over- or undercharged. When it is 7-10%, the battery may be perceived as "discharging" but this is the BMS that goes in and protects the battery from undercharging.

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