Vässla Club for Delivery

We’re live with our subscription model Vässla Club for delivery, enabling Delivery professionals to subscribe on a Vässla Bike for professional use. Offering a high-tech E-bike with no pedals for only 109 EUR /month. With an increasing demand for deliveries, we hope to provide a fitting solution for people working with deliveries.

Last-mile deliveries are here to stay.

All over the world, last-mile deliveries surge in demand, and large amounts of capital are being invested in the sector. Companies such as Foodora, Wolt, Bolt, Uber Eats, Kavall, and Vembla are just a few that operate in the small country of Sweden, with billions of euros invested between them.

What does Vässla offer?

Our latest invention, the Vässla Bike, is now being offered as a work vehicle. The offer enables the food delivery drivers to sign up for a more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable vehicle. Currently, the drivers mainly bike with regular bicycles which means exhausting workdays. Or, petrol mopeds which pollute the air with noise and exhaust fumes. None of these solutions ensures a quality vehicle and repairs if they break down.

How does it work for drivers?

The drivers sign up on the Vässla website for a subscription and get their Bike within a minimum of 72 hours. The Bike is fully equipped with everything they need for deliveries. All year round tires, back carriage to store the heavy delivery bag and helmet for safety. Then they’re good to go to start making deliveries. If the driver’s bike breaks down, Vässla repairs or replaces the Bike within 48 hours. This model ensures that people that need to keep their work schedule, are able to do so without waiting several days for repairs.

Can platforms partner with Vässla?

Yes. Delivery companies can partner up with Vässla to offer their drivers the best possible deal and work environment. Ensuring the entire organisation works towards sustainable goals.