• 15-25 km range distance per charge
  • 20 km/h
  • 12 kg total weight
  • 250 W engine power
  • 1 year warranty
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1 year warranty
  • Range: 15-25 km
  • Top speed: 20 km/h
  • Tires: Puncture-free with cushioning
  • Battery: Lithium battery
  • Charging: 220 V
  • Engine: 250 W
  • Brake: Disc brake
  • Weight: 12 kg
  • Foldable: Yes

Vässla Kick – the next generation electric scooter

Electric scooter, electric kick bike, kick scooter, push scooter, scooter – we have many names for the things we love. All of these words refer to the ultimate lightweight mode of transportation that conveniently takes you from A to B. The new electric scooter from Vässla is a stylish two-wheeler that you can bring anywhere you want and which makes your trip both simple and enjoyable. Although electric scooters for adults and children have been on the market for a while, quality and performance has varied a lot. This is the reason why we have developed the Vässla Kick bike – the new generation electric scooter, which combines the best features of an electric moped and kick bike into an elegant product that has been very successful thanks to its powerful 250 W electric motor and speed of up to 20 km/h. Ready, set, go!

Order your kickbike online

Now you can order our stylish and practical electric scooter online and save money by choosing to pay in advance. Your new kick bike will be delivered within a few weeks – fully assembled and directly to your door. We have a free shipping and free return policy, which means you can order from us and experience the unrivalled quality of Vässla completely risk-free. No driving licence is required and our hassle-free procedure allows you to enjoy your kick bike from day one. With a stylish design, excellent comfort and maximum mobility, Vässla will change the way you commute, forever!

Electric scooter, designed for city environments

Vässla has two goals: to help you save lots of time during everyday transport and save our planet. Our electric scooter is both convenient, environmentally friendly and features a low cost of operation – it is perfect for those looking for a smart alternative to commuting. No driving licence is needed and the low risk of theft ensures you get to work or school quickly with our 250 W electric motor. After reaching your destination, you can easily fold up the Vässla and carry it under your arm or put it in your luggage boot. There is no need for a large storage space, garage or parking space, which makes our electric scooter the ultimate vehicle for city transport. We have upgraded the Vässla Kick bike with the same fast and reliable disc brakes found on our electric moped to ensure optimal safety and performance. We have also chosen convenient, stable and puncture-proof tyres that roll quietly and evenly on asphalt. Also, let us not forget the rapid-charge lithium battery with a range of 25 kilometres that can easily be charged in a regular outlet. All you need to do is charge the battery, hop on the scooter and drive!
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