Vässla launch in Paris


  • After Stockholm, Madrid, and Berlin, Vässla gets in the capital of micromobility: Paris
  • Vässla recently raised 10M€ to accelerate its growth and conquer the French market
  • Vässla is the first pedal-less electric bike with a flexible subscription offer
  • E-bikes without pedals are officially legalized in urban areas following the publication of a decree dated January 14, 2022.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022 | Launched in 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden, by Rickard Bröms & Noa Khamallah, Vässla intends to revolutionize the way we get around in cities. After Sweden, Spain and Germany, Vässla lands in France and more specifically Paris, the capital of micromobility, to offer it’s service.

The Swedish brand’s raison d’être is to offer an intelligent global service that adapts to current needs. Eco-responsible, agile travel that saves both time and money while bringing an innovative business model furthering a response to congestion in public space by free floating vehicles.

The Vässla service

Vässla offers an all-inclusive subscription service for €79 per month, with or without commitment. The user will then enjoy a premium service including a helmet, insurance in case of theft, a concierge service for any questions, repair and replacement of the Vässla Bike within 48 hours. The user has his device at home, always available, compared to micro-mobility providers that have vehicles on streets, not always available, or in safe conditions. Vässla’s service offers a bespoke experience in urban mobility.

How does it work?

The age requirement to subscribe to Vässla is 18 years old. The subscriber can dispose of his or her Vässla as soon as he or she signs up for a subscription directly on the website. Vässla delivers the vehicle directly to the subscriber. No more stress about looking for a vehicle on the street or not knowing where to park it.

The first pedal-less electric bike available with a subscription

Used to bicycles and scooters, Vässla offers a new kind of vehicle: a pedal-less electric bicycle that is reminiscent of a draisienne. What makes the Vässla uni- que on the micromobility market is its business model and the vehicle it offers. A first! With its urban design, the vehicle has a battery, Samsung 21 700, which is located under the seat of the Vässla and is charged in a regular power outlet. It weighs 3.5kg. The Vässla weighs 25 kg (including the battery). The user will be able to travel more than 40 km on a single charge and will be able to drive up to 25 km per hour. The vehicle’s tires are suitable for all seasons, even winter.

Vässla and the regulations in France

The decree n° 2022-31 of January 14, 2022 concerning the regulation of light cyclomobiles authorizes electric scooters with saddle and electric bicycles without pedals on the public space. The use of these vehicles is forbidden to children under 12 years old and on sidewalks. They can be used on bicycle paths and lanes, or on roads with a speed limit of 30 or 50 km/h (they cannot be used on roads outside built-up areas). Wearing a helmet is not mandatory, but highly recommended.

“The purchase price of an e-bike represents a significant investment for hou- seholds. Maintenance, theft and breakage are also permanent concerns. Our business model provides a real answer thanks to its offer accessible to all, its flexibility, and its concierge service which manages the slightest technical pro- blem in 48 hours without any additional cost.” Noa Khamallah, Co Fondateur & Chief Operating Officer - Vässla.

“Micro-mobility has revolutionized the urban space, at Vässla we are convin- ced that accessibility to micro-mobility reduces noise pollution, CO2 emis- sions, making our cities more pleasant, more inclusive and healthier. Users will have the Vässla Bike at home, reducing the uncertainty of not having scooters and other vehicles offered by free-floaters on the streets. ” Rickard Bröms, Co Founder & Chief Executive Officer - Vässla


Vässla was founded in Sweden in 2017 by Rickard Bröms and Noa Khamallah, the Swedish startup offers city dwellers innovative micromobility solutions for medium-distance urban journeys. Amongst Vässla’s investors we can find Adam Jafer’s Co-Founder of Voi, Tim Rucquoi-berger Co-Founder of Circ, Caen Contee Co-Founder of Lime.


The E-bike without pedals!
Designed and engineered in Sweden

Killer Motor

Going uphill? No problem!

Unparalleled Range

40 km on one charge

Comfy Suspension

For any road

3 Gear Speed

For more safety

Smart Screen

All info at a glance

Futuristic Battery

Long range & Quick charge