Electric mopeds and electric scooters from Vässla

Riding an electric scooter is incredibly easy. The fast acceleration allows me to keep up with traffic.

- Jan-Erik Berggren,

It’s very comfortable, the saddle is good and you sit upright in a relaxed way.

- Andreas Bergsman, Testing Editor M3

Frequently Asked

Why choose an electric scooter?

You say “why?” – we say “why not?” There are a few reasons worth considering though. Number one: scooters that run on fossil fuels are a disaster in terms of pollution – especially older ones – so stay away. Number two: the feeling. Riding around in total silence is an exhilarating feeling. No gears, no oil, no mechanics, just a gear-free and convenient riding experience. It’s unbelievable. You really should try.

What is the range distance of my Vässla?

Approximately 40-60 kilometres per charge. The range depends on your weight, tyre pressure, winds, temperature etc. Are you worried about the range? Get another battery and double it. There is room for both under the seat.

What are the specifications?

Vässla is a premium vehicle with premium components. We use a 1,200 W motor manufactured by the market-leading company Bosch. Our battery is an LG cell, one of the most popular types that also have proven supreme quality. Our brakes are stainless and durable. All components have been carefully selected by our product engineers. Vässla is produced in the third largest electric vehicle factory in the world.

What happens if something breaks?

The best thing about electric scooters in general and Vässla in particular is that very few components can break. Compared with a combustion engine, which has approximately 400 separate parts, an electrical motor only has a handful. Obviously, a Vässla can be tipped over in a storm, and plastic parts can break. If that happens, you can visit any Bosh vehicle service centre. There are approximately 70 centres in Sweden and we will have European coverage in the near future. If there is no Bosch service centre close to you, please call us so that we can help you find a mechanic.

How fast is the Vässla 2?

Just as fast as a regular EU electric scooter. Our class I Vässla allows you to ride comfortably at 45 km/h. Please note that the top speed depends on the battery’s current charge.