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Riding an electric scooter is incredibly easy. The fast acceleration allows me to keep up with traffic.

  • Jan-Erik Berggren, Expressen

It’s very comfortable, the saddle is good and you sit upright in a relaxed way.

  • Andreas Bergsman, Testing Editor M3


  • Elias Medelberg, Auto Motor & Sport


Vässla 2 is the best selling electric moped in Sweden. Thousands of Vässlas roam the streets of Europe, in silence.


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The electric moped - a world of advantages

The electric moped has become a lot more popular in recent years, and we are not surprised. It is a super convenient vehicle that really has a bright future. We like to claim that there is no faster and more convenient urban mode of transportation. We think you will agree after trying it out.

A lot of people think the electric bicycle is the perfect mode of transportation, however we see one problem: you have to pedal! If you don’t, the motor of the electric bike will not generate any power, which means you won’t get anywhere. The ride to work or your important meeting becomes a training session instead of an enjoyable trip, and you get there tired and sweaty, which is the last thing you need in that situation.

Forget about riding an electric bike and buy an electric moped instead! As soon as you get on the saddle, you will feel that you have made the right choice. All you need to do is use the throttle and off you go – really fast too. The top speed of an electric moped is 45 km/h, which is only slightly slower than the speed limit for cars in urban environments. You probably know just as well as we do that cars used in cities spend most of their time stuck in holdups.

Easy to park and charge

Say goodbye to parking problems! If you have previously been using a car, the electric moped will be a minor revolution for you. Parking an electric moped is just as easy as parking a motorbike, although it can be brought inside if no outdoor parking is available.

Are you worried about discharged batteries? Don’t be – the electric moped is super easy to charge! You just take the battery with you when leaving the moped and plug the charge into the nearest outlet. Outlets are available everywhere, and for us it is just like charging a mobile phone.

Cheaper for you and the environment

The petrol-based moped is a thing of the past! They are loud and consume lots of – you guessed it – petrol. They also generate lots of harmful emissions. The EU doesn’t like them either. In fact, given the future emission standards, producing legal petrol-based mopeds may become almost impossible.

Emission standards won’t affect your electric moped. Electricity is future-proof and climate-safe, and using electricity is very friendly to your wallet. Servicing is cheaper as well. The electric moped contains a lot fewer movable parts than the petrol-based moped, i.e. fewer parts that can wear out.