The first E-Bike without pedals.
Designed and engineered in Sweden.


The E-bike without pedals!
Designed and engineered in Sweden

Killer Motor

Going uphill? No problem!

Unparalleled Range

40 km on one charge

Comfy Suspension

For any road

3 Gear Speed

For more safety

Smart Screen

All info at a glance

Futuristic Battery

Long range & Quick charge

Maybe you've heard about us?


It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Order your Bike! 🖥🧠

Are you an Urban Pro or
Urban Flex rider?

See Plans

2. Await Delivery 💁⏱

Vässla Care team will deliver
your Vässla Bike ready to ride
at your door.

3. Enjoy the freedom🚲⚡️

Hit the road and rediscover
your city!


Experience freedom from 79€ / month

All you need in one plan!

Your own Vässla Bike with helmet, lock, insurance, maintenance, and service at no extra cost!

It's hassle free!

Don't worry! If you have any
issues, Vässla Care Team will fix
your bike within 48h.

Unlimited Rides!

The Vässla battery takes you
around town sustainably in one
charge. Go Explore!

Vässla Bike!

Vässla Bike is electrifying.
Not a scooter, bike or moped.
It´s all of them. Just twist and go!


Maximum weight?

Vässla Bike can carry up to 120kg.

Time to charge the battery?

Just plug in your portable charger and you'll soon be on your way.

Am I tall enough to ride a Vässla Bike?

The minimum height is 160 cm.

How far can I go?

The range is excellent, 40 km in one charge! Enough even for a long commute.


Do I need a drivers license?

In most countries you don't! Head over to our FAQ for more information.

Where do I reach out if I have an issue?

Just reach out in our chat and the Vässla Care team will get back to you ASAP!

What subscription plans can I choose from?

You can hoose between Urban Pro or Urban Flex. See plans here!
Delivery professional? Become an Urban Delivery Star!

What's included in my subscription?

It's all inclusive! Your own Vässla Bike, helmet, lock, insurance, maintenance and service at no extra cost.